Green Life

We are not yanking your chain. Unlike some companies, we really do believe in the reduce, reuse, recycle, and reclaim motto. Let us show you how we are putting this motto into practice!
Reduce: We never use any filler products or material. We try to be as streamline as possible and whatever materials we do use; we keep the motto in mind. We don’t make throw away products, only re-usable or recyclable ones. No need to clutter up our landfills with more trash.
Reuse: We designed our brush so it can be reused instead of wasted. We also made sure the refills can screw off to be recycled. If you are unable to recycle this yourself, you can send it back to us and we will recycle it for you!
Recycle: Our refill containers, bags, paper filling, paper cards, and boxes are all recyclable.
How to Recycle your product: Because we are committed to the Green Life motto at YoudoYou, we have gone above and beyond to make it easy for you to recycle your product. We don’t want you to have to worry about it. Just follow the steps below:
1. Keep your returnable bag and return label until you are finished with your product container.
2. When you are ready to recycle your container, unscrew the bottom from the brush (the brush is meant to be reused).
3. Place the empty container in the returnable bag.
4. Seal the bag by removing the protective strip and folding it over.
5. Apply the return label to the outside of the bag.
6. Place the bag in the mail.
7. Upon return, we will give you credit towards future purchases!