So you've got your new dry shampoo. Now what?

Here's everything you need to know about using, recycling, and refilling TheDryShampoo.

Using TheDryShampoo

1. Take off the cap and hold the brush upside down.

2. Give it a few taps from the bottom. Flip it over to check and see if the product has worked its way through the bristles.

3. Part your hair into sections and use the brush to apply TheDryShampoo to your roots and as needed.

4. Style and go!

Caring for TheDryShampoo

TheDryShampoo is so good at absorbing that we recommend keeping it out of the bathroom. Storing it with the cap on and in a low humidity environment will keep it fresh and long-lasting.

Refilling TheDryShampoo

Unscrew the empty container on the bottom of your brush, Remove the black lid on your refill by unscrewing it, and then screw your refill onto the bottom. Wah-la!

Recycling TheDryShampoo

1. Keep your returnable bag and return label until you are finished with your product container.

2. When you are ready to recycle your container, unscrew the bottom from the brush (the brush is meant to be reused).

3. Place the empty container in the returnable bag.

4. Seal the bag by removing the protective strip and folding it over.

5. Apply the return label to the outside of the bag.

6. Place the bag in the mail. Upon return, we will give you credit towards future purchases!