Tips to Reduce Oily, Greasy Hair

Tips to Reduce Oily, Greasy Hair

Tips to Reduce Oily, Greasy Hair


If you manage greasy hair on a regular basis, you are probably far too familiar with this cyclical problem. Many of us who deal with oily scalps try to negate the issue by washing our hair daily to alleviate its horrendous appearance. However, it’s actually best to go a few days between each wash so that your sebum production doesn’t go into full overdrive, and you end up with more unwanted oil. This vicious cycle of washing it to look good, just so hours later it’s back to being greasy, just to do it all again tomorrow is not a pleasant experience.


The only option you have left is to train your hair to be less oily by spacing out your washes. If this seems impossible for you, consider these tips to stretch the time between washes, ultimately reducing that visibly greasy hair:


Wear It Up


From pony tails and buns, to braids and tendrils, wearing your up hair up is one way to go a day or two without washing it. Typically, your roots start to look and feel more oily than other parts of your hair, so use that to your advantage and style it up to hide the grease. These styles can range from messy to chic, so get creative with what you want to do for the day. Fully embrace your oily hair by doing a slicked back bun or pony tail that gives off the ‘wet look.’ You can also add other products such as mousse or styling gel to make the appearance more purposeful.


Use Dry Shampoo Between Washes


If wearing it up naturally just isn’t cutting it for you, there are alternative options to give your scalp a break from the water pressure and harsh shampoos. When you want to add instant volume and eliminate excess oil, use a dry shampoo like ours over at You Do You. This all-natural dry shampoo is formulated with corn starch, kelp, aloe, willow bark, baking soda, and honey that provide a variety of rich vitamins and minerals, exfoliants, anti-bacterial properties, and moisturizers. We will always be transparent about our formulas!


Sometimes dry shampoos out there on the shelves leave you will white, powdery spots and don’t blend well into your hair color. That’s why we designed our dry shampoo for your unique hair color: Red, Black, Blonde, and Brown options are available. There are no fillers, fragrances, clays, alcohol, or chemical colorants in our eco-friendly products. This is a great way to reduce your need to wash your hair, but also restore vibrance, shine, and freshness to your hair style!


Try A Clarifying Shampoo


It’s best to wash your hair only 2-3 times a week if you want to train it to produce less oil and restore your natural oils. When it’s finally your day to wash, you should consider using a clarifying shampoo to strip the buildup that accumulates over time. This type of shampoo focuses on revitalizing your hair, and resetting you scalp.


Clarifying shampoos perform a deep cleanse and exfoliation of the roots and strands of your hair. It’s best to use these when your hair feels heavy and weighed down. Definitely look for a sulfate-free, clarifying shampoo so you can help replenish your natural oils. Some shampoos are formulated with menthol to alleviate itchiness that results from days of not washing.

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