Tips on How to Apply Your Dry Shampoo Correctly

Tips on How to Apply Your Dry Shampoo Correctly

Tips on How to Apply Your Dry Shampoo Correctly


Not all dry shampoo is created equal. There are so many different ones available on the market. You may have tried one, and decided it was not for you. But then you try another brand, and you realize what the product is actually supposed to do. Either way, if you want to use a dependable, all-natural dry shampoo that will blend seamlessly into your unique hair color, check out our collection over at YouDoYou. Our specially-formulated dry shampoos include an applicator brush for the easiest use imaginable. No aerosol, chemical colorants, clays, or fragrances — just pure natural solutions so you can be YOU!


Continue reading for tips on how to apply our dry shampoo correctly for the best results:


Pick the Right One


Like we mentioned before, each of our formulas are designed for your unique hair color. Dry shampoo isn’t a “one fits all” type of product. If you have brown or black hair, and use a traditional dry shampoo, you'll end up with dull roots and an unflattering powder appearance on your hair. If you have blonde hair, and you pick a dark shade, you'll end up with discolored roots.


It’s best to pick the tone that matches your hair color the closest. We offer formulas for red, black, blonde, or brown hair colors. No matter which one you choose, it is designed to absorb the oils in your hair and keep it looking fresh and clean so you can say bye-bye to that greasy, flat appearance for those days you don’t wash. 


Turn It Upside Down


Our dry shampoos are different from majority of the ones you’ll find in stores. Instead of a spray, we use a brush applicator for more thorough results. Since this is rather unfamiliar for most people, we want to make sure you know how to use it properly. In order to get the formula flowing through the brush, first take off the cap and hold the product upside down. Give it a few taps from the bottom, and flip it over to check to see if the dry shampoo has worked its way through the bristles.


Apply to Your Roots


Once the product has reached the tip of the bristles, you will want to section your hair into parts for better application. Other products may encourage you to spray from a distance, or rub in your dry shampoo, but there is no need for that with us over at YouDoYou. For a fresh, clean, and luscious look, all you need to do is wait for the substance to work its magic. It quickly absorbs into the hair follicles, so there is no chance you will look like a powdered donut with TheDryShampoo! You can remain oil-free throughout the day, with no worries about leftover residue stealing your shine. We are here for you!  

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