The Truth About Dry Shampoo

The Truth About Dry Shampoo

The Truth About Dry Shampoo


There’s nothing fun about having a bad hair day, especially when you wake up with a greasy, oily scalp. When you over-wash your hair, it can strip the natural oils and throw your entire sebum production out of whack, resulting in dull, brittle hair. Shampooing too frequently also leads to residue buildup and dry, itchy skin.


If you want your hair to look good and feel good, it’s important to not wash it too often. Now you’re probably wondering… “How do I keep my hair presentable if I don’t wash away the unappealing grease and oil?” That’s where dry shampoo comes to the rescue. Continue reading to know what dry shampoo is and how it works wonders for your hair:


What Is Dry Shampoo? How Does It Work?


You may have heard about dry shampoo in recent years because it is becoming a hot trend for people of all ages and backgrounds. Dry shampoo is made using a starch component that works to soak up excess oil, add instant volume, and give you a fresh, clean look. It’s typically a spray or powder that can be applied directly to the roots of your hair. It is a fast-drying formula that will leave your hair smelling and feeling fresher than before.


So, here’s how dry shampoo actually achieves all those beauty goals. Your scalp contains thousands of hair follicles that produce sebum, the natural oil that covers your scalp and gives your hair its texture. If you notice that your hair is greasy or oily after a hard workout or a hot day in the sun, it’s because your sebum production is in full swing.


If you wash, style, blow-dry, or brush your hair on a constant basis, you can do some serious damage to the quality and shine of your hair. Instead of putting so much stress on your hair and scalp, it’s best to use dry shampoo to maintain the appearance you desire. Dry shampoo’s active ingredients work wonders, especially if they are specially formulated for your specific hair type and hair color.


Dry Shampoo from You Do You


When it comes to clean and natural beauty products that focus on each unique hair color, TheDryShampoo over at You Do You truly steals the show. Some dry shampoos on the market can leave you looking a powdered donut (literally). But don’t worry, we are here for you! We specifically use only natural ingredients that are eco-friendly and effective. We created these products after having trouble ourselves finding an all-natural dry shampoo that would blend into our hair.


TheDryShampoo has been specially formulated to blend into your own unique hair color so it will never leave with a white haze. You never need to wait for TheDryShampoo to absorb as it works quickly, making it perfect for quick on-the-go care! Keep in mind that a little bit goes a long way. Unlike other dry shampoos, you don’t need to use a ton of product to get great results. We are so pleased to offer you something you can depend on! You will not be disappointed.


Learn more about our collection, and choose the one that best suits your unique hair color!

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